College Rules

  • All students are to carry their “Identity cards” when in college.

  • All students must wear descent pants, shirts of mild color and shoes. Sandal or jeans clothing are forbidden during the college hours. If any student is found in improper dress, disciplinary action will be taken against him/her without any hearing.
  • All students are to attend classes in clean well pressed white Aprons with their name plate on the left front side of the apron.
  • Smoking is forbidden in the College and Campus. The EWMC Campus is Non-Smoking zone.
  • Pasting of posters on the walls of the College and the hospital premises are prohibited.
  • All type of demonstration and slogans in the College and Hospital premises are prohibited and students involved in them, will face stern disciplinary action including expulsion from college.
  • Student must behave properly with staffs & employee of the College/Hospital. Acts of misbehavior are also acts of in-discipline and liable for disciplinary action.
  • The students are expected to maintain the highest standard in their academic and personal lives.
  • At the time of admission into the College the students and parents/ guardians will have to sign a bond that their children/ wards will abide by the rules and regulations of the college.
  • Every student shall provide themselves with all the prescribed Text Books, Dissecting instruments; Medical Equipments etc. the College will not supply these to the students.
  • For absence due to illness or other unavoidable reasons, a written statement from the parents / guardians and certificate of physician of illness, is to be presented to the teachers concerned, who intern will ultimately submit it to the Principal for approval.
  • Continuous absence of 4 weeks in any class without valid reasons will lead to struck off the name: He/She/ will have to re-admitted to attend class or appear in exam.
  • Cost of loss / damage to College / Hospital property if damaged will be recovered from the student/ students.
  • Political activities or any agitation by students are Prohibited in the college.
  • If any verbal or physical violence to any body such as students, Guardians, Teachers and office staffs are punishable offences and if detected the concerned student / students will be liable to be punished as decided by the College authority.
  • Money once deposited for admission, are non-refundable.
  • Guardians have to submit 3 copies to Photograph at the time of admission. Without whichaccommodation in the hostel will not be allotted.
  • Students must not carry mobile phones in the classes and college premises during college hours. Violation of  this will lead to disciplinary action including fine.
  • Any disciplinary action against any students by the academic council will be final. No appeal will be entertained.
  • Electricity supply can not be guaranteed by the college authority. College authority will not take any       responsibility for power supply to the hostels or campus during load shading.
  • Hostel accommodation for student can’t be guaranteed by authority.
  • If any student discontinues study he/she will have to Pay tuition fee and other charges for 5 yrs before leaving

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