Instruction for authors

1. East West Medical College & Hospital Journal (EWMCJ) agrees to accept manuscript prepared in accordance with the Uniform ‘Requirements Submitted to the Biomedical Journals’ published in the New England Journal of Medicine 1991; 324424-8.

2. Aims and scopeEWMCJ is one of the premier clinical and laboratory based research journals in Bangladesh. It will feature the best clinical and laboratory based research on various disciplines of medical & dental science to provide a place for health scientists to relate experiences which will help others to render better patient care.

Conditions for submission of manuscript:

  • All manuscripts are subject to peer-review.
  • Manuscripts are received with the explicit understanding that they are not under simultaneous consideration by any other publication.
  • Submission of a manuscript for publication implies the transfer of the copyright from the author to the publisher upon acceptance. Accepted manuscripts become the permanent property of the EWMCJ and may not be reproduced by any means in whole or in part without the written consent of the publisher.
  • It is the author’s responsibility to obtain permission to reproduce illustration, tables etc. from other publications.

3. Ethical aspects:

  • Ethical aspect of the study will be carefully considered at the time of assessment of the manuscript.
  • Any manuscript that includes table, illustration or photograph that has been published earlier should accompany a letter of permission for re-publication from the authors of the publication and editor/publisher of the Journal where it was published earlier.
  • Permission of the patients and /or their families to reproduce photographs of the patients where identity is not disguised should be sent with the manuscript. Otherwise the identity will be blackened out.

4. Manuscript submission:

  • The authors are requested to follow the submission Guidelines strictly. The following documents with manuscripts are to be submitted for publication.
  • A covering letter addressed to the Editor-in-Chief of the journal (Sample given at the end).
  • A Title page (Sample given at the end).
  • Abstract and key words in the first page followed by the text, prepared in the format of IMRAD.
  • Authors must submit two hard copies of all documents and one copy in electronic form preferably written in a CD with adequate labeling including title of article & author name & phone number.
  • In special case, submission through e-mail with file attachment of all documents is welcome.

Covering letter:

  • All authors must sign after reviewing the manuscript with the statement that they are the only authors.
  • The corresponding author should mention the contribution of each author to the work.
  • It should contain a declaration that this manuscript has not been submitted elsewhere or not under consideration in any journal.
  • It should clearly indicate the publication type (Original /Review/Case report/Letter etc.).
  • It should also mention the expected benefits of health science through publishing this article.

5. Manuscript Organization:

  • Double spaced throughout with justified and 2.5cm margins.
  • Font type is Times New Roman with size 12.
  • Printed on a good quality A4, 80gm on one side of paper.
  • Manuscript should have uniform style, correct journal format, carefully proof read for grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Manuscript format:

In general, original article should be divided into following sections: Title page, Abstract, Text, Acknowledgement, References, Tables with titles and foot notes, alternatively graph with title and illustrations with legends. Each of the sections is to start on a separate page. Pages should be numbered consecutively beginning from the abstract.

Title Page:

  • Title of the article.
  • Names of all authors with their designation and institutional affiliations.
  • Name of the department and institute where the study was undertaken.
  • Name of the corresponding author with contact address, telephone number, and email address.
  • Disclosure of conflict of interest if any
  • Disclosure of sources of funding or sponsor
  • A Short running head.
  • Number of tables given
  • Number of figure given
  • Word counts of abstract


  • Structured with headings (Background, Objectives, Methods with statistical analysis, Result)
  • Authors name should not be given
  • Preferably within about 250 words
  • Avoid abbreviations in the title and abstract except standard abbreviation.


Text should be arranged into following sections: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussions, Acknowledgement and References.


  • Statement of the problem with a short discussion of its importance and significance
  • Review of the literature related to the problem with pertinent reference
  • Expected o/h/b need to be stated in 1-2 paragraph.


  • Study type, place and time
  • Description of study variables
  • Description of study subjects and grouping
  • Selection criteria
  • Approval of the study involving human subjects by ethical review committee and description of the ethical aspects in such study
  • Description of procedures, methods, apparatus, drugs or chemicals as applicable
  • Description of statistical procedures with enough details to enable a knowledgeable reader with access to the original data to verify the reported results


  • Present result in logical sequence in text, table and illustration with most important finding first
  • Describe without comment
  • Restrict the number of tables and figures that are needed to support the manuscript.
  • Do not duplicate data in table and figure


  • Simple self-explanatory with brief title, not duplicate in text
  • Each table should be numbered in Romans and printed in separate page
  • Do not use internal horizontal and vertical rules.
  • Uses of many tables are not encouraged


  • All illustrations must be numbered consecutively in numerals as they appear in the text
  • Submit Print photograph of each illustration along with its electronic file
  • Figure number, title of manuscript, name of the corresponding author and arrow indicating top should be written on a sticky label affixed on the back of each photograph
  • Scanned picture, graph, chart with title and figure number should be printed on separate page and its original data presentation file should be inserted in the CD along with text


  • Must be typed in a separate sheet of paper
  • Photomicrograph should indicate the magnification, internal scale and the method of the staining
  • All drugs should be mentioned in their generic form. (the commercial name may be used in parenthesis)


Individuals, institution, sponsor, organization or bodies can be acknowledged in the article for their contribution or financial or any form of assistance to the work.


  • For reference, use author number style (Vancouver) which is adapted by the National Library of Medicine (NLM)
  • References should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they are first mentioned in the text
  • Identify references in the text, tables and legends by numerals in superscript
  • All citations to electronic references should be presented in numbered references following the text
  • The titles of the journals should be abbreviated according to the style used in Index Medicus.
  • Write names of 6 authors followed by et al. if authors’ number is more than six.
  • The reference list is not usually checked by the editorial staffs or reviewers. It is the total responsibility of the author to provide accurate information.