East West Medical College & Hospital (EWMCH) was established by the active support of Alim Foundation, Dhaka, Bangladesh in the year 2000.

Dr. Md. Moazzem Hossain MBBS,PhD. Chairman East-West Medical College

East-West Medical College is one of the prominent Medical college in the private sector to train the students for becoming knowledgeable & engaging medical practitioner. Discipline, hard work & follow-up are the basic building blocks of this college. Students, teachers and staff of the college have been working as a team from the inception of this institution.
The results & achievements of this college so far can claim admiration. Students have engaged themselves in their studies very enthusiastically with open minds & the teachers teach them holistically. Our approach is practical & traditional but the thinking is always revolving around the modern medical innovations.

Students here would received all the modern facilities with their highly experienced and friendly teaching staff. They are allowed to learn anything in the fields of medicine through active involvement in their studies.
This journey will take your life to a new height. Enjoy it with your full energy & try to be the best in your field. May Almighty Allah Bless you all.

Dr.Md. Moazzem Hossain
East-West Medical College

Prof. Dr. Md. Zaforullah Chowdhury, MBBS MPhil PhD, Principal East-West Medical College

It gives me great pleasure to welcome the forth coming 16th Batch of medical students hopefully to join EWMC 2013-2014. Your journey towards excellence has begun. We assure you that our team would do all the possible options to shape your future in line with the ever changing environment. It is my pleasure to state that East-West Medical College is now one of the most renowned private medical college of the country. This institute has been established with a vision to impart quality medical education. It is situated in a quiet and spacious location in Uttara. The students are selected strictly on merit basis which ultimately explains the good result exhibited by our students in the various professional  examination. We endeavor to provide the best facilities in terms of faculty,  equipment and accommodation. The atmosphere is very conducive for student striving for excellence in the medical profession. Our faculty members are experienced, quali­fied and talented with motivation to teach in a friendly and interactive manner. We are looking forward to attain excellence in different discipline of medical science. Wish you all a bright future.

Prof. Dr. Md. Zaforullah Chowdhury

MBBS, M.Phil, PhD

East-West Medical College

CV of Prof. Dr. Md. Zaforullah Chowdhury


Ulfat Jahan Moon, Managing Director, East-West Medical College

It is of great joy and glory to describe EWMC as a dynamic community of scholars and learners situated on one of the most spectacular college campuses in the country. We are driven by motivation to produce quality medical professionals to cater the needs of the health sector of our country and also to attain the desired goal of health for all. We feel that it would be difficult for the government to achieve this goal on its own alone and private sectors should go farther in collaboration with government without compromising the quality of education of health care services. Our efforts to enhance our academic excellence through knowledge, academic freedom, critical independence, creativity, innovation, world-class performance with the best contribution of our directors, faculty members, doctors and all staffs. We are dedicated to provide our dear country with the best health care service professionals from experience of hands-on work-integrated learning.

Today with our sights set on becoming the standard for the great comprehensive private medical colleges of the country, we strive to serve the people of Bangladesh and to engage with the world through excellence in our teaching, research, creative work and service. As a public-spirited institution, EWMC will ensure that its research, student learning and knowledge transfer programs help improve our students’ capability and build a stronger and more tolerant health care community in our country.

Ulfat Jahan Moon
Managing Director
East-West Medical College



Naoaki Nonobe Vice President Ship Aichi Medical Group
Naoaki Nonobe
Vice President
Ship Aichi Medical Group

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